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Access Control

access control

The access...

Whether you need a simple, convenient key-code or a high security full retina scan, access control is key to a safe and comfortable environment. Below are some of the solutions available for granting access, all of which can be applied to a wide variety of locking and automated systems.


A simple 4-6 digit code entered into a keypad at the point of access.

A cost effective solution but can become compromised if the code is shared. Can be administered in on-line or offline systems.


One of the most popular methods of granting access. A system user will carry a proximity token in one of many different formats. Proximity tokens can be available as cards, keyfobs, wrist watches, mobile NFC and BLE. The system user will swipe/present their proximity token against a reader at the point of access.

A slightly higher cost solution than a keycode, but with improved security and administration features as a result of the ability to add and delete proximity tokens as and when required.


Biometric systems can read a finger print, retina or even an individual's face. A system user will present either their eye, fingerprint or full face, to a reader mounted in a convenient location at the point of access.

A higher end solution ideal when unique identity tokens are essential. This system eliminates the need for numerous proximity tokens and is ideally suited to large organisations or high traffic areas.

Any of the above access methods, can be combined in any way required in an online solution, only keycode and proximity are supported in offline solutions.

The control...

The answer to this is related mainly to the complexity of the solution.

On-line systems allow the administration of the access through a PC, tablet, or mobile phone. This allows the system operator to control the different elements of the system. From the adding and deleting of key-code, proximity or bio tokens, to running payroll reports based on the movement of the system users. On-line systems are connected together through an IP network or dedicated RS485 line which we can provide. An Ideal solution for multiple access points and cross-site scenarios due to the intuitive, centralised control.

Offline systems are administered directly at each point of entry, the adding and deleting of access tokens is completed independently at each access point. Ideally suited to small installations with limited users and access points due to the programming limitations.

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Tom Prichard Contracting Ltd
Police monitored intruder alarm and vehicle barrier installed at our new sites, went above and beyond quality and value for money.
Mr Davies
Thanks to the team for our domestic CCTV and Panic alarm system. My Wife feels safe in her own house again after a recent break in.