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What J-Sec offer

J-Sec offer a wide range of high-quality CCTV surveillance solutions, catering to any specific business needs, budget or criteria. We are fully versed in surveillance technology, from the dated, yet reliable Analogue systems, to the higher-spec HD and IP systems.

Our one-year warranty guarantees customer satisfaction! Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade, installation or simply require a maintenance job, with over 30 years of industry experience, we’ll be able to lend a helping hand!

Choosing your CCTV installation

J-Sec are capable of sourcing, designing and installing a wide variety of CCTV solutions. For a reliable and robust CCTV solution, we recommend sourcing a professional installation. DIY CCTV solutions can be sourced from a variety of retailers, for a very small and attractive price tag. However, these are unlikely to be suitable if you require a high-quality business surveillance system that can be relied upon in court, should you fall victim to crime.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, the team of professional and experienced security engineers will assess your situation and suggest the most suitable CCTV solution for you or your business.

We can supply and install a variety of CCTV solutions for both internal or external use.

Analogue CCTV Installations (up to 960H)

Analogue systems are still the most widely installed existing systems providing analogue images up to a maximum of 960H on conventional copper cable. With advancements in alternative HD technology, J-sec wouldn't advise any new installations to be installed at an analogue resolution.

However, we understand that there are still many pre-existing fully functional analogue systems installed on-premises. Here at J-sec, we are fully versed in this dated but reliable technology and can provide any upgrades, replacements or maintenance required on analogue systems.

HD-over-Coax CCTV (720p to 1080p)

Due to the recent introduction of broadcast technology to the CCTV industry, it is now possible to replace an existing analogue installation with full HD solutions whilst saving the cost of replacing the existing coaxial infrastructure.

HD-over-coax is also a great option when looking for a full HD system on a budget. The recording devices we use at J-Sec are 'hybrid' units which allow the recording of existing analogue cameras alongside HD over coax cameras. We are sure once you have replaced one camera with HD, you will want to replace the rest.

IP CCTV Installations (720p - 29MP)

IP or network cameras have been available in the CCTV industry for many years. Traditionally reserved for high specification systems and often used in airports, casinos and ports due to high equipment costs and complexity. This technology is now more attainable than ever.

IP systems are ideally suited for a medium to large installation, where image detail and flexibility are paramount. However, with the vast cost savings made on the equipment in recent years, it's not unusual to install such systems in a domestic property where there may be an individual requirement.

All of the static IP cameras that we fit here at J-Sec are PoE compliant. This means extra cameras only require a local network port and a slot on a recording platform, taking power from the PoE switch. Here at J-Sec we maintain a current, up to date knowledge of the requirements and various elements related to IP based networks. With this in mind, we can provide a smooth, efficient deployment of IP cameras over the majority of existing IP networks

Benefits of a CCTV installation

As previously mentioned, installing a CCTV system is crucial in deterring and preventing crime, implying a sense of the law to any premises. However, there are a number of other benefits associated with an efficient CCTV installation.

One substantial benefit associated with a CCTV system is the ability to collect and provide evidence in the unfortunate event of a crime. This supporting evidence can prove vital in facilitating prosecution for the crime at court, as well as assisting in insurance claims.

Installation of a CCTV system is also beneficial in monitoring the activity of your home or business. This can be useful in observing the activity of any visitors, as well as providing peace of mind and a safe environment for your employees, or family.

An effective CCTV installation can also result in reduced costs, eliminating the need for increased manpower as security personnel who would be needed to man the entire premises are no longer considered a necessity. CCTV provides 24-hour supervision, at a fraction of the cost.

Professional Security Solutions

Contact one of our friendly engineers today, using the form provided on this web page or by calling us on 0333 2000 665. We can discuss your requirements and provide a competitive, no-obligation quote based on your individual circumstances.

CCTV installation required by commercial premises might involve a site survey or floor plan overview in order to design the most suitable solution and provide an estimate that is tailored to both your needs and budget.

We offer CCTV installations in Bridgend, Cardiff, Swansea, Vale of Glamorgan, Rhondda, Merthyr, Brecon, Bristol, Somerset, London, Coventry and nationwide!

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Louise Cormack


Excellent, quick, communicative service. James took my call over the weekend answering my request for help with a faulty home security alarm in Bridgend. As it wasn't an emergency he then attended on Monday and efficiently checked the functions and offered great sensible advice. He was understanding and caring of the elderly owner and was very good communicating with me at a distance.

I was impressed with the kind service.

Alex Howells


I initially used J Sec Security for a home installation that was carried out to the highest of standards by polite professional employees, after seeing how good the company and the standard of work was I then used them again for a business that needed cameras as well as access doors. They could not have been better, from advice to fitting as well as ongoing customer care!

Would 100% recommend.

Oli Harris


We use J-Sec for all our business and our domestic security needs. They provide 1st class service for installation and service. They are at the cutting edge of recent technology and reflect that in their approach.

Hats off to J-Sec

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