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Protecting your assets and premises is a vital part of running a business, but installing and maintaining CCTV and security systems can often be costly and time intensive. Businesses that have expensive hardware, high-quality stock or vehicles and machinery on site can often find themselves with an entire security budget, and even security staff to ensure maximum protection. All of this adds up, and installation costs can often be too high for smaller businesses or start-ups. This is where J-Sec can help with a handy leasing and finance agreement.

CCTV & security systems leasing solutions

We work alongside leading equipment providers and manufacturers within the security industry, we know exactly what our clients need when it comes to the correct security level for their particular specialism and industry.

With access to over 50 UK based funders, you’ll be accessing agreements that are flexible and of course fully endorsed by J-Sec. We’re experts in this field, and can provide the most competitive market rates in the security equipment leasing and financing industry.

Call us today on 0333 2000 665 for CCTV & Security finance and leasing. Our highly knowledgeable and friendly team can offer you a FREE, no obligation quote and answer any of your queries.

Equipment Cost: £7,500 Lease Period: 3 Years  


Cash Purchase
Total Tax Relief

 Year  Capital Allowance  Tax Relief
1 18% of £7,500 = £1,350 Less 19% = £256.50
2 18% of £6,150 = £1,107 Less 19% = £210.33
3 18% od £5,043 = £907.74 Less 19% = £172.47
 Total Tax Relief: £639.30
Frequency: Quarterly Company Tax Rate: 19%  


Lease Rental
Total Tax Relief

 Year  Capital Allowance  Tax Relief
1 4 rentals of £768.75 Less 19% = £584.25
2 4 rentals of £768.75 Less 19% = £584.25
3 4 rentals of £768.75 Less 19% = £584.25
 Total Tax Relief: £1,752.75

By choosing to lease, the company has saved £1,113.45 in tax relief


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