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Professional Thermal Detection

The first option offered by J-Sec is a professional body thermal solution. This solution provides an instant body temperature reading, alerting personnel to an abnormally high temperature by sounding a siren.

This option requires a person to stand in a 'marked' zone in order to accurately read their body temperature. 

A solution such as this is ideal for use in a building’s reception/foyer, inviting employees or visitors to be scanned. These are best suited to high traffic areas as they can take multiple reads at the same time.

The system will utilise a camera, similar to that of your generic CCTV camera. This camera will benefit from thermal imaging technology, meaning it possesses the ability to detect whether an individual has an abnormally high temperature.

The scanning process will require a person to stand in front of the camera in predefined position. Their temperature will be read almost instantly and displayed upon a monitor. Should the individual’s temperature exceed that of 380c an alarm will sound, indicating that a fever has been detected.

This solution requires, an NVR (network video recorder), a thermal camera, a monitor and a black box (thermal radiation device). This device produces a reading with the accuracy of .3 of a degree.

This sophisticated solution costs from £5,920 Plus VAT, this includes the camera, NVR, switch, black box, tripod and relevant software.


Q1: What is normal temperature?

Normal body temperature is considered as 37°C, anything above this number is classed as having a high temperature, or fever. 

Q2: What can cause abnormally high body temperature? 

Abnormally high body temperature can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Exercise or physical activity
  • Viruses
  • Bacterial infections
  • Certain medications

Q3: Do i need a thermal fever detection system to operate safely?

At J-Sec, we belive a thermal fever detection system is a vital  measurement in ensuring a business is operating as safely as possible. A business with a thermal fever detection solution in place is one that cares about the safety of their staff, visitors and customers. 

Q4: Can thermal imaging detect a virus?

In short no. Thermal imaging cameras cannot positively confirm the presence of a virus such as COVID19 and should not be used as a means of testing. However, the camears can confirm the presence of an abnormally high temperature. A temperature that exceeds 38 degrees can signal the presence of a virus, but this would require further testing. 

Q5: How much will this cost?

The range of solutions offered by J-Sec range between £1,500 and £6,000. 

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