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Gates & Barriers

From the ornamental to the indestructible, either gates or barriers provide that essential perimeter preventing the access of unauthorised personnel on your premises. 

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Who are J-Sec?

J-Sec are market leaders within the security industry, our team of professional engineers has over 30 years’ experience protecting you and your assets.

You can trust our team of trusted, security specialists to design and install a security gate or barrier solution tailored to your exact requirements. We’re committed to providing a superior service, prioritising the customer in all that we do, we strive to exceed your expectations.

Security Gate & Barrier Solutions

Security barriers and gate applications are crucial to an effective access control system. Below is a brief description of the three methods we currently offer, with more specialist solutions such as automated bollards and anti-ram barriers, available upon request. Access and egress methods can be fully integrated with J-Sec's access control systems or with third-party systems where required.

Vehicle barriers

Vehicle barriers can block access to roadways from 2m up to 16m dependent upon the road width and desired operation. A selection of accessories can be added including skirts, flashing boom arms and strobe barrier casings to indicate the barrier's movement.

Barriers are best suited to high traffic applications and areas where a fast operation is paramount. Although the barrier provides a good perimeter, these would not suit unmanned, high-security applications.

J-Sec can provide an end to end solution including civil and electrical work. We also work with clients' preferred contractors in these areas if there is an existing contractor in place.

Automated Gates

There are a selection of automated security gates available, the most popular solution being that of sliding or swing.

Sliding security gates offer the highest level of security as they will withstand the highest amount of force should an intruder attempt to gain entry. They can protect roadways from 2m up to 15m. Sliding gates are best suited to commercial and industrial applications where security is paramount, these gates also provide a level of convenience as the gate is operated automatically and as such is left unmanned.

Swing security gates offer a greater degree of security than a barrier but can be forced easier than a sliding gate. Sliding gates suit mid security commercial or residential premises due to their more aesthetically pleasing appearance and simpler installation.


Pedestrian turnstiles can either be full height or half height dependent upon their application. Half-height turnstiles are best suited to more prestigious and low-security applications such as office building foyers. Full height turnstiles are suited for entrances to larger, vulnerable premises, such as stadiums, factories entrances for staff and construction height.

Fitting a turnstile significantly reduces the risk of 'tailgating' through an access control door, limiting people traffic to a single, secure entry point. Other benefits associated with the implementation of turnstiles are as follows:
• Aid in the counting of footfall entering and exiting the building
• Instant denial of entry through locking of the turnstile
• A crime deterrent
• Can ensure entry payment has been made when required

We are also able to install turnstiles equipped with an emergency override, allowing the exit point to be released in case of an emergency such as during a fire evacuation.

Benefits of security barriers and gates

Security gates or barriers evidently offer an additional level of security for your business premises. Additionally, security gates and/or barriers can act as a deterrent to any unauthorised personnel or potentially criminal behaviour.

Security gates and barriers can also present a solution for traffic control, implementing vehicle barriers and road-blockers as a means of directing traffic.

Maintenance & Repair

The team of experienced engineers at J-Sec not only provide installations of security gates and barriers, they are also available for any maintenance or repair work required for existing security gates and barriers.

We aim to respond to your service call in a respectable time period, allowing for minimal disruption to your business, employees or visitors.

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