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Sound Masking Systems

Sound masking systems are often found in busy public buildings, large open-plan offices and other noisy work environments vulnerable to significant noise disruption. 

We understand that sound masking technology can be more than a little confusing, why inject more noise into an already noisy environment?

Sound masking solutions do not increase the volume of existing noise, instead they mask it, making conversation unintelligible and subsequently less distracting and maximising privacy.

Sound Masking and The Office

One of the most popular environments for a sound masking system to be installed is that of the common, open-plan, busy office.

There are 4 key benefits to installing a sound masking system in the office, these are as follows:

  • Increase productivity
  • Return on investment
  • Increased privacy
  • Decreased stress-levels

Without the application of a sound masking system, your office workforce is likely to lose concentration, which will likely result in reduced productivity.

Sound masking provides a cost-effective solution, avoiding the need for costly partition walls. An effective sound masking system also minimises distraction and increase staff’s productivity levels, resulting in a valuable return on investment.

Increase Privacy

Offices that encourage employee communication and strong team collaboration can also benefit from installing a sound masking system.

Open-plan offices were initially designed with employee cooperation at its forefront; however, this design means employees often feel unable to communicate freely as they lack a certain degree of privacy. The office workforce might be unwilling to discuss matters considered business-sensitive in fear of being overheard.

Similarly, without the installation of a sound masking system, employees might be anxious of hearing something private, that was not meant for their ears.

Decrease Stress

Noise in the workplace can result in more than annoyance and a decrease in productivity.

Excessive noise can also lead to an increase in stress hormones, not only as a result of the annoying and unsettling noise, but also due to the privacy anxiety as previously discussed.

Without the distraction caused by a noisy office, the workforce are able to concentrate on the task at hand, reducing the stress caused by a large workload and fast approaching deadlines.

Adapting the office environment to prevent employee stress begins with noise masking. Concentration improves, frustration and annoyance are reduced.

Sound masking and Health Practices

One of the most crucial environments for maintained privacy and as such an effective sound masking system is that of a health practice.

GP surgeries, hospitals and other health practices are environments in which privacy is fundamental, as topics of discussion are likely of the confidential variety.  

A sound masking system also helps to provide a comfortable and ambient environment, minimising disruption and discomfort experienced by patients. This is of utmost importance in an environment whereby people are already likely to be experiencing distress, without the added disturbance of a noisy environment.

Sound masking and Call Centres

Call centres are renowned for being a workplace full of conversation, phone ringing and keyboard tapping. They are also the customer’s first point of contact with a business, the customer’s experience at this stage impacts largely on brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

It goes without saying, the phone interaction will not be a positive one if the customer, or employee, are distracted by excessive background noise.

Equally, it is unprofessional for customers to be within earshot of personal conversations taking place on the other end of the phone.

A sound masking solution reduced these distractions and disruptions, resulting in increased employee concentration and an enhanced customer experience.

What J-Sec Offer

The team of experienced engineers at J-Sec can source and supply a suitable sound masking system for your exact specification. We can offer knowledgeable advice, recommending the best solution for your situation.

You can rely on us to not only deliver a seamless installation, but also to provide a thorough demonstration of the sound masking technology. We ensure you’re equipped to make the most of your sound masking solution and all that it has to offer.

If you would like to discuss implementing a sound masking system call J-Sec today on 0333 2000 665, or submit a contact us form, and one of our friendly technicians will be in touch!

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Louise Cormack


Excellent, quick, communicative service. James took my call over the weekend answering my request for help with a faulty home security alarm in Bridgend. As it wasn't an emergency he then attended on Monday and efficiently checked the functions and offered great sensible advice. He was understanding and caring of the elderly owner and was very good communicating with me at a distance.

I was impressed with the kind service.

Alex Howells


I initially used J Sec Security for a home installation that was carried out to the highest of standards by polite professional employees, after seeing how good the company and the standard of work was I then used them again for a business that needed cameras as well as access doors. They could not have been better, from advice to fitting as well as ongoing customer care!

Would 100% recommend.

Oli Harris


We use J-Sec for all our business and our domestic security needs. They provide 1st class service for installation and service. They are at the cutting edge of recent technology and reflect that in their approach.

Hats off to J-Sec

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